Alexandra (bodywit) wrote in my_diet_world,

How to Miserably Fail at Keeping a Diet

I did it! I took the decision!


I found the perfect pair of jeans. I’ve ravaged 3 shopping centers and I found them! Ironically, my triumph is not complete! Of course they don’t have my size… What to do? Should I go for the smaller size or the larger one? What the heck! I’ll get the smaller pair! And congratulations to me! I bought a pair of jeans and a diet. But am I as committed to wearing those pants as I was to finding them?

The bitter taste of failure...

The bitter taste of failure...

One dress size, a few pounds… What’s that? I should be able to wear them in a week! Start tonight, skip dinner, jog in the mornings, diet the rest of the week. No biggy!

Good plan so far! But what actually happened?

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