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and so it begins

Hi! I'm new here. I just wanna lose some weight

I used to never have to worry about my weight.. until.. i gained like about 10 pounds or so (to 125) throughout last year. I think mostly due to overeating because i was depressed that my boyfriend broke up with me. So now i've decided I just want to get my weight back down to normal and get rid of the excess fat that i have.

. Age: 18
. Height: 5'2"
. Current Weight: 123
. Highest weight: 127
. Lowest weight: 110
. Short term goal: to lose 5 pounds by Prom (in may sometime)
. Long term goal: to lose my fat. be down to about 115 at least.. or 110 at the lowest
. Your current diet plan:
I dont drink any soda or anything. only really water and sometimes tea. I'm eating a lot more fruits, veggies and whole grains. I dont want to starve myself. i dont think i can do it. I just want to lose weight and still keep my body healthy. I joined a gym in january so i'm exercising more

anyways, if any of you guys wanna talk or add me as a friend feel free. I'm more than happy to exchange diet tips or anything and help keep eachother motivated. Thanks! good luck. bye!
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